Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween bags and tags

My Sister in law makes caramel apples and candies and sells them year round, but for the holidays she likes to dress them up more. So I made her some bags and tags. The bags and boxes were all cut at fit to page all are from wrap it up except the tombstone and that is from happy hauntings. The tags are made from SU stamps and punches. I'm going to add a skeleton to the tombstone.

The tags were made with Stampin Up stamps and punches.


Sherry said...

I'm not a big halloween fan, but I am a major caramel apple fan and would be more than willing to be a taste tester. LOL
You did a great job on the boxes and tags. They look amazing.

Sara said...

Those are so cute! They're going to make her apples look great. Aaaannnnddd now I'm salivating just thinking of her caramel apples. Mmm.....

Cindy Porter said...

These are just delightful, Gwen! I LOVE them! REally like your beautiful bows on top too!
FAB girl!!
Cindy Porter