Monday, June 13, 2011

Monthly Card Holder

This is a monthly card holder I made at my local craft store, they had a cricut swarm and this is what we made. It is made with 12x12 sheets of card stock scored at 6" and then turned and scored at 4", fold it in half then fold up the 4" side to make the pocket. I then added the paper to the top part of the page, mounted the month on card stock and then mounted it to the bottom of the page, rounded the outer edges with a chomper. I am not sure what the cartridge was for the font they had them pre-cut, covered the chipboard glued down the letters punched the holes and put in the wire. Tied on the ribbon and that was it. They had the printed months for us but said you could find them on line.

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Adrian said...

this is very nice, TFS!