Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Cameo 3

I don't normally do this...but I am so frustrated right now.  I bought the new cameo 3 last week did all the machine and software updates but nothing works.  I did the online chat (since they no longer care to talk to their customers!) last week and again today for an hour and 20 minutes just today and that is after spending almost 4 hours trying to figure it out myself.  It won't work and it won't work connected with the cable.  I have spent so much money with Silhouette over the years and been a huge supporter of them but this is crazy!!
They won't even talk to you!!
Finally they said they would have someone call me because I kept asking and they couldn't resolve my issues but it won't be for several days.
I'm going back to Cricut!


Golden Goddess Designs said...

so sorry to hear this. I love my Cricut. I did purchase an Cameo 2 on craig's list for a bargain but I don't have much experience, I still tend to use my Cricut. I hope you get this resolved. I am disheartened to hear they don't like to talk to you.


Maggie said...

What is the problem.

Lisa said...

I never tried the Cameo...now I'm glad I didn't. I hope you are able to get the issue resolved. Have a great evening!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Kristina said...

Silhouette customer service is just the worst. I get the best resolution through email but it takes FOREVER. Good luck!

Scrapper69 said...

So sorry to hear of your troubles! I bought mine Cameo 3 a few months back and once I got everything updated it worked just fine - I've called customer service for a few different issues (regarding some files that didn't download) but I always talked to a person... So I'm surprised by that you couldn't -- I wish I could help you but I'm not sure why your machine isn't working - I had the cameo since 2012 and upgraded to the 3 this year - It cuts much better that's for sure but I have noticed software issues -- That's the only thing I'm not a fan of... not sure why I have the software issues, but I've been able to work around those.... other wise I still do love my Cameo - I had all the cricut's as well and just gave up on them when the Air came out - I owned one but I just hated it, so I sold all my Cricut stuff and have my cameo 3 sitting here on my desk - it gets used all the time - I truly feel bad for you and really do hope it gets resolved... it could easily be just a software problem - Something might not be matching up as it should... Big HUGS going out to ya - I Can't imagine how frustrated you must be right now!


Georgiana said...

Thanks for sharing your frustration. I am a little slow to update and get new machines since both my "oldies" still work. My hubby asks me if I want the new ones for Anniversary or Christmas and I tell him no. I think I will continue to wait until I hear more from you! Good luck!

Berthal said...

Just wondering if you got your cameo3 problems resolved. I’m thinking about upgrading but not sure which machine to get. I currently have the original cameo.

Gwen said...

Berthal you know it still isn't right. I still prefer my old cameo over the new one. Good luck with your decision.