Friday, July 3, 2020

Birthday Dog Card and Box

Hi friends, I have a fun little card and box to share with you today. My little grandson has been begging me to get him a dog for his birthday. He would say it's okay my mom would have to let me keep it since it was a gift and on and on. Just begging and begging. It was so hard not to get him a dog, but I knew his mom didn't want to have to deal with one. So I made him this little dog shaped card and a dog house treat box. He loved it. He still wished it was real but he loved it.
The dog is a Lori Whitlock file and the dog house is from Sweet Afton both from the Silhouette store. I did change the box slightly, the bone was supposed to be cut out of the house but I released it and then made it larger and cut it out of white paper and put it above the door with pop dots.

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Ann said...

That is so adorable.